The Intercultural Studies Institute cooperates with many lecturers from foreign universities. In recent years, we have had the following guests:


jbProfessor Josh Borowicz is a lecturer at the University of Minnesota, a political scientist, philosopher, and an expert on American literature in the 19th and 20th centuries. He is also Senior Academic Adviser. At our institute he gave lectures on the multiculturality of the USA, especially focusing on ethnic, racial, political and economic issues. He is interested in history, language and Polish culture and reads contemporary Polish poetry and prose.


foto MGDr Milena Gammaitoni specializes in the sociology of art and women issues in culture. She worked as a lecturer at the “La Sapienza” University in Rome, and currently works at Roma Tre University which cooperates with ISM’s Erasmus Programme. A recipient of Italian CNR and L’École des hautes études en sciences socials (Paris) scholarships, she has given lectures at universities in Brussels, Luxembourg, Warsaw, as well as at the Jagiellonian University. She is the author of La funzione sociale del musi cista, (Rome, 2004) and L’agire sociale del poeta. Wisława Szymborska nella vita dei lettori, in Polonia e in Italia (Rome, 2005).


photoJesúsVenturaProfessor Jesús Ventura Fernández is geographer who conducts research on population issues, international cooperation and regional and local development. He is currently focusing on cooperation between Andalusia and northern Morocco. He works at Seville University with which ISM has been collaborating through the Erasmus programme for several years.



prof VitaleProfessor Alessandro Vitale works at the International Studies Institute in Milan University. His articles that have been published in Polish language are: Regionalizm i federalizm: dwa odmienne sposoby wyjścia poza unitarne państwa narodowe. Niepowodzenie doświadczeń regionalistycznych we Włoszech i w Europie Zachodniej, [Regionalism and federalism: two different ways of leaving a unitary national state. The unfortunate regional experience in Italy and Western Europe] w: A. Pankowicz (red.), Ziemie górskie u progu XXI wieku, [Mountain lands at the threshold of the 21st century] Zakopane 1998; Ogólnie uwagi i oficjalne stanowisko Włoch w kwestii rozszerzenia NATO na Wschód [General remarks and the official position of Italy on the question of NATO expansion in the East] w: E. Cziomer (red.), Polska a dalsze otwarcie NATO [Poland and the further opening up of NATO], Kraków 1999; Włoska perspektywa stosunków międzynarodowych i międzyreligijnych w Basenie Morza Śródziemnego, [The Italian perspective on international and Inter-faith relations in the Mediterranean basin] w: A. Pankowicz, S. Bielański (red.), Dialog i Akulturacja. Judaizm, chrześcijaństwo i islam, Kraków 2007.