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Multicultural Heritage and Tourism Development (17th January 2019)  

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Faces of Postmemory 3 – Codes and Languages (6-7 March 2018)
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Freedom in Culture (13 October 2017)
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Faces of Postmemory 2  (9-10 December 2015)

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Tourism anthropology- heritage and perspectives (1-2 June 2015)

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Monarchy. Alternative – Myth – Anachronism (20 November 2014)

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Oblicza postpamięci (6 March 2014)

The cultural creative mission of a university. Paweł Włodkowic and the Jagiellonian heritage of thoughts on the person, the nation and community dialogues (9 December 2013)
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In the shadow of genocide . The Roma and Sinti in Europe in the past and recent years. (3rd of December 2013)

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Etniczność, kultura, polityka: wzajemne zależności (18-19 kwietnia 2013)
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Media Relations

Transgression in culture (7 December 2012)
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Culture in an age of migration (15 December 2011)
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The culture of fun in a changing world (21 November 2011)
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Modern transformations (17 December 2010)
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